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Noria Jablonski: Human Oddities

April 8, 2010

At one point or another, just about everyone feels like a reject, outcast, or freak. I know I have. It can be something obvious, like a scar or a cast. But so often it’s a self-imposed sentence, invisible but to our own eyes, whispering about how we don’t fit in. Maybe that’s why I like […]

Santa Cruz muralist Elijah Pfotenhauer

March 15, 2010

One of the best things about living here at Santa Cruz’s Artspace Tannery Lofts is the variety and quality of people you interact with daily. For me personally, it’s great because I love painting, cinema, music, books, sculpture and a myriad of other arts. Who do I live with in this community? Writers, filmmakers, dancers, […]

“Art Studio” KUSP: Scott Rasmann interview with Kirby Scudder

March 12, 2010

Hey, last week I spoke with Kirby Scudder about my newest painting series, As the Crow Flies. Kirby has a radio segment that plays every Tuesday at about 4:45pm on KUSP. Here’s a link to the Art Studio archive: Scroll down and you can find two interviews with me. Mr. Scudder is crucial to the […]

The River After the Storm, Jan. 21, 2010

January 22, 2010

The rain has abated, mostly. The river has receded as well. More rain is supposed to come next week.You never know what the river’s gonna do… Before the area was redeveloped, vagrants and junkies used to camp out by the river. Looks like an old sleeping bag. Debris deposited near the river mouth.

“Down by the River…” Part Two

January 21, 2010

Another day of storms brings another day of river rise. The San Lorenzo River is hovering at about 20 feet today. Just a few miles upstream, in Felton Grove, residents are evacuating. The river has overflowed its banks and is flooding the community. Less than a year ago, I lived there. Here at the […]

The Swollen San Lorenzo River

January 19, 2010

This one’s definitely not about art. Right behind my apartment, the Artspace Tannery Lofts, lies the San Lorenzo River. It’s about 50-75 feet from the buildings. When it rains, it carries water from all the way up the Santa Cruz mountains, causing the water levels to rise considerably. At high tide, it can get a […]

Elizabeth Gilbert’s thoughts on creativity

January 7, 2010

About 6 million people (at least, according to her sales) know about Elizabeth Gilbert now. Eat, Pray, Love has it’s rabid fans and certainly it’s detractors. I liked it, anyway. But aside from that, I think Ms. Gilbert is also a smart, witty and insightful woman. I think she’s got some very interesting thoughts about […]

Santa Cruz Artspace Tannery Lofts

December 23, 2009

People seem to be curious about where I live. “Do you live in that artists’ commune? You’re part of that artists’ collective in Santa Cruz, right? You live in a tannery?” None of these things are correct, but they’re fair questions, I guess. I live in the Artspace Tannery Lofts, which opened in February 2009. […]

Au Gratin…..Centralia, PA

December 9, 2009

I’d heard of ┬áCentralia before, but first read about it in-depth this summer. I was reading Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods on a plane when I came across his description of it. He stubled upon it on his trek up the Appalacian Trail. It’s a fascinating and tragic place.