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Figure Painting

Body and Light, 19"X15", acrylic on board, 2008

I haven’t shown or published a ton of figurative work.

During college (Towson University, 1988-1992!) I made figure drawings ’til I was blue in the face. Thanks Stuart Stein, Carmen Robb, Jose Villarubia! (et al.)You all made me practice, practice, practice!

It’s not that I don’t love the human figure…’s another piece:

Reach, acrylic, 1999

I especially love the play of light on and around figures.

Anyway, recently I discovered how popular figurative work can be. It seems everyone loves a good nude. Well, almost everyone.

I posted some work on a site called RedBubble and lo and behold, not only did my figure art get more hits than my other work, but it was selected for one of the site’s homepages:

How about that?


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