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Abstract Expressionism? Or just art?

Vernal Equinox I, 20X20, acrylic/mixed media, 2011

I finished this one last week. Actually, this has three siblings; it belongs to a series of four.

Back in October, the Santa Cruz Open Studios event went on, and I sold a bunch of small paintings on paper. Inspired by commerce, I decided to make some variations on the themes found in those pieces. I’ve done several since last October, and this is one of the latest.

Originally, one of the restrictions I gave myself was to spend as little time as possible on the paintings. I wanted them to be as spontaneous as I could get. The Vernal Equinox pieces took a little longer, but not much more than a week.

So, what do you call this style? Abstract Expressionism? Well, they are abstract. Decorative art? Hmmm, they do lack any imagery of objects, or figures…and they have bright, swirly colors and stuff…..

I don’t know what they are, other than colorful abstracts.

Thinking about them today, I realized I must have learned something about abstracts from other artists. Where do my influences come from? Right away, I thought of some names. Did these folks really teach me something, or did I just imagine their influence?


Roberto Matta; "L'Insigne", Oil on canvas, 24X20 3/4", 1976, Tasende Gallery

Here’s more images from Matta at this site.


Kandinsky, "Composition VII", 1913

Image borrowed from these nice folks:

Also check out this Kandinsky site!

Paul Klee??

Paul Klee (1879-1940). Ancient Sound, Abstract on Black, 1925

This image comes from this interesting blog.

Now that I’ve taken a good look again at these guys….I’m not even in the same league as they are. Still, they provide some incredible inspiration. The complexity of these paintings, the feeling they put into images that aren’t even recognizable…….dude!


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