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Kinetic Sculpture: Alien Abduction!(By Jason Dietz)

Jason Dietz isn’t a man given to wild flights of fancy, but this image was too much fun to ignore.

In one of those half dream-half wake states, Jason’s mind’s eye created a U.F.O. abduction. As a home builder and auto body repair specialist, he often uses an imagined image to create a solid reality. Thus, a kinetic sculpture was born.

I don’t think Jason knew he was an artist, but who was he to reject the muse? It wasn’t up to him; he merely followed the muse as she directed.

In the spirit of full disclosure, Jason’s asked me to assist him in this ongoing project. I, of course, am loath to turn down an opportunity to be weird. And to have fun.

Full color!! If you look closely, you'll see Bessie the Cow being abducted...

Here they are in the light of day.

So what is it? A lamp? A sculpture? A new toy for bong-obsessed stoners? You decide.


5 Responses to “Kinetic Sculpture: Alien Abduction!(By Jason Dietz)”

  1. Nice lamps jason!

  2. Jason thanks you!

  3. These lamps are badass! Looking forward to seeing them at the Maker Faire!

  4. Where do I buy some?

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