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Santa Cruz muralist Elijah Pfotenhauer

One of the best things about living here at Santa Cruz’s Artspace Tannery Lofts is the variety and quality of people you interact with daily. For me personally, it’s great because I love painting, cinema, music, books, sculpture and a myriad of other arts. Who do I live with in this community? Writers, filmmakers, dancers, musicians and every other kind of artist you can think of.

An artist I’m proud to have in my community is Elijah Pfotenhauer. He recently had a write-up in the Santa Cruz Weekly. I met Elijah when we both were showing some pieces at Steve Vorhees’ Santa Cruz Stoves & Fireplaces. It so happens that Elijah has a 1,200 square foot mural on their exterior wall.

Thanks to Santa Cruz Stoves & Fireplace mural.

He’s a soft-spoken fellow, not prone to outbursts or egomaniacal tantrums. The Weekly story reveals that Elijah’s been mentoring local young folks for some time. He’s taught and volunteered at places like DeWitt Anderson School and Renaissance High School. As arts and education funds have been cut, Elijah has simply continued teaching as he can afford.

His work is all around town. Check out his website for some examples, and see if you can spot his work on the walls you pass every day.

I think we need more young artists like Elijah around. Nice work, EP.


2 Responses to “Santa Cruz muralist Elijah Pfotenhauer”

  1. What an awesome neighborhood you live in. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • Glad to share! Stay tuned, this place has plenty more potential. There are two more phases to go! That includes workspaces open to the public and performance space, too.

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