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Large format painting: Life

"Life", 48X48, 2007

Here’s one of the first large format paintings I ever did. This spurred on a number of 48X48s, as well as a number of other traits I’m currently painting. The grid first showed up here…I used it to help me divide the canvas into panels that could each feature an idea or theme. The texture I use now is here. Sometimes I use these iconic symbols, too. I also started experimenting with tissue transfers with this piece.

The theme is pretty simple: life. The symbols/characters all relate to life. The representational images all show various stages of life. I even included a copy of my birth certificate in there.

I started the painting sometime in 2006. It was around a year after my mother died, and she was my last surviving parent. Maybe that makes this sort of a reactionary painting…interesting that I chose to express death’s opposite so soon after my mother’s. Especially since so many following paintings have focused on the mystery of death itself. (See “A Murder of Crows” or “Black Eyed Angel”). Even I don’t always know why I paint what I paint…


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