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A Murder of Crows

This is the most recent painting, finished just last month. The title comes from the old expression of a group of animals, “a gaggle of geese”, “a school of fish”, etc. A group of crows is the deliciously sinister “murder of crows”.

The exact metaphor I’m using here I won’t spell out for you readers, I’m not ready yet to reveal it. Seen here, three crows investigate a simple hole in the ground.

All of the methods used to create this piece are the same as the last couple of years. The canvas is covered with acrylic paste, and vermiculite is mixed within. I spray water over the surface, then brush on watery colors, letting dripping occur. I try not to overdo it. Fake metallic gold leaf is applied to make a grid. I used a brush more than usual on this one; I wanted clearer rendering. I’ve avoided a brush in favor of a plastic spreader to apply paint lately. The crows were painted on last.

Murder of Crows, Acrylic, 30X30, 2009.


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