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“Down by the River…” Part Two

Another day of storms brings another day of river rise. The San Lorenzo River is hovering at about 20 feet today. Just a few miles upstream, in Felton Grove, residents are evacuating. The river has overflowed its banks and is flooding the community. Less than a year ago, I lived there.

Here at the Tannery, there has been no significant rain since late morning, but the river continued to rise until afternoon. Now it hovers around twenty feet. Here’s a link to a gauge:,00060

We’re supposed to get more rain, so the river will probably rise yet again. The USGS gauge nearest my place maxed out at 23.10 feet back in the Great Flood of Santa Cruz in 1955. Hmmmm….. Lotta damage back then, but a major levee has been built since. I went running on it this afternoon, between storms. It’s in great shape, way above flood levels at this point.

Mid day shot of the river, sneaking up to the walk way behind the apartments.

Downstream from my place, on a pedestrian bridge

At about twenty feet

The river mouth, about two miles downstream from my place. The Santa Cruz Boardwalk is to the left.

The river flows very fast, and there's lots of debris. Dangerous.

Raging river.


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