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The Swollen San Lorenzo River

This one’s definitely not about art. Right behind my apartment, the Artspace Tannery Lofts, lies the San Lorenzo River. It’s about 50-75 feet from the buildings. When it rains, it carries water from all the way up the Santa Cruz mountains, causing the water levels to rise considerably. At high tide, it can get a little higher, and the current can change, too.

Winter rains are here, and the river is rising. We at the Tannery aren’t in any real danger, it would take a 40-year or 100-year flood to swamp us. And even then, the entire ground floor is a parking garage. All of the residential units are 10 or 15 feet, maybe more, above the highest flood line ever recorded.

So I’m gonna keep watch on the river for the next few days, as we’re expecting several days of possibly heavy rains, high winds and dangerous waves. These pictures were taken today, behind my apartment, during a reprieve from the downpour.

Here are some handy links about flood related stuff here in Santa Cruz:
Link for current river levels:here
Link for Santa Cruz flood history: here


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