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New works: Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Tree of Life, 2009, 48X48, acrylic

Here’s one of my newest pieces, “Tree of Life” . It’s a continuation of the methods I’ve used for some time: a lot of texture in the first layer, the better to catch the paint washes and highlight said texture. There’s also a subtle grid happening here, outlined with gold leaf. I’ve been using gold and silver leaf for a while, too. I like the extra dimension it gives artwork; it’s inherently different than paint, so there’s a nice contrast, I think.

Echoes from an earlier painting, “Out of the Forest” can be seen here, especially in the frosty looking trees on the sides. I’d been encouraged by a lot of positive comments on “Forest”, and I’ve taken what I like about it and integrated these things into more paintings. If you look closely, you’ll also notice a couple o’ crows hovering about near the top. Keep an eye out for them….they will show up periodically in my work for a while.


6 Responses to “New works: Tree of Life”

  1. nice. why the crows? why two?

  2. ah there’s three. i blew it up.

    • The crows have shown up in six of the last seven paintings I’ve done. “Black Eyed Angel” was the first in the series, finished around August. If you look closely, you’ll see a few crows in that one too. You’re right, there’s usually three of them, but not always. I think the number came up unconsciously at first (three is a good number for balance, they can be placed left-center-right or top-center-bottom). As I kept using the crows I realized three is the number of children our parents had. This makes sense as the paintings are semi-autobiographical.
      In these pieces, crows basically symbolize death. Sometimes the crows are just a counterpoint to a symbol of life, sometimes they’re active participants in the narrative of the painting. This is true in my latest painting, which hasn’t been shown or photographed yet. It’ll be up here soon.

  3. Hello,
    It is a moving painting. I like it a lot.
    Is it for sale?

  4. That is absolutely awesome! Much meaning there.

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