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Elizabeth Gilbert’s thoughts on creativity

About 6 million people (at least, according to her sales) know about Elizabeth Gilbert now. Eat, Pray, Love has it’s rabid fans and certainly it’s detractors. I liked it, anyway. But aside from that, I think Ms. Gilbert is also a smart, witty and insightful woman. I think she’s got some very interesting thoughts about creativity and it’s position and reputation in our culture. How’s about you check this out:


2 Responses to “Elizabeth Gilbert’s thoughts on creativity”

  1. She did an excellent talk at TED! I was quite impressed with it. I also saw an article from infloox about which books she derives inspiration from. You can have a look here

    • Thanks for the info! One of my other all-time favorites is “Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight”, which is no surprise as it’s one of the most watched on the website. hers never fails to move me.

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