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Symbolic Paintings: Enso

The enso is a symbol I really like, from a philosophy and culture that really fascinates me. Enso is a simple brushstroke in the form of a circle. (Enso actually means “circle” in Japanese. ) The enso embodies the freedom and simplicity of  being in the moment. I like that in the way it applies both to the creation of art and a way to live. Here’s a good explanation of the term:ō

Since about 2007 I’ve been experimenting with some paintings based on simple graphic symbols. Usually the symbols are slightly raised from the canvas surface (like a bas relief) and  covered with a metallic (like silver and gold). The background is typical of what I do now, textured with many layers of washes over the texture.

Enso, 30X30, 2007

This painting belongs to the wonderful Melyssa Cowles. Melyssa curates a great spot here in Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Stoves & Fireplaces.


2 Responses to “Symbolic Paintings: Enso”

  1. Scotty- Had to comment—-gorgeous blog page and your web page is brilliant! Glad you are sharing the ‘Enso’ painting with the public-I so enjoy having it in my home. It sings! peace, melyssa

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