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Santa Cruz Artspace Tannery Lofts

People seem to be curious about where I live.

“Do you live in that artists’ commune? You’re part of that artists’ collective in Santa Cruz, right? You live in a tannery?”

None of these things are correct, but they’re fair questions, I guess. I live in the Artspace Tannery Lofts, which opened in February 2009. It’s a city owned project of affordable housing for artists (and other folks who just need an affordable place to live).

About five or six years ago, the powers that be in Santa Cruz( including then mayor Emily Reilly, and later artist/promoter/rabblerouser Kirby Scudder) decided to try to keep artists in Santa Cruz. The problem was that many struggling artists were fleeing Santa Cruz because they couldn’t afford to live here anymore.

Who cares, right? Life’s tough. Get in line. Well, thing is, many Santa Cruzians (Santa Cruzites?) identify their home as an “artists’ town.” A place where art is supported, encouraged, made……etc. If the artists left, it’s just another Calilfornia beach town. Huntington Beach is providing competition for the “Surf City, USA” title, so we can’t completely claim that, even.

Thus, the Artspace “Tannery” was born. On the site of the old Salz Tannery, a two building, 100 unit residency was built. And it ain’t finished yet. Phase two, which includes workspaces, offices, and a cafe is scheduled for construction in 2010. Phase three, which includes a performance space and Black Box theatre, is roughly scheduled for 2011-2012. Check it out:

Here’s a nice little official link:

Santa Cruz Good Times says:

And a Santa Cruz Sentinel article about our Grand Opening:

This is what our developer, Artspace, has to say:


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