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Painting influences: Pyramid Song

One of my biggest influences is and probably always will be music. Especially (but not limited to) Pop music. Popular music. Rock and Roll. Whatever you wanna call it.

The melodies, hooks, and instrumental solos sometimes give me ideas, but lyrics really give me something to focus on. “Pyramid Song” was released by Radiohead in 2001. It wasn’t until 2008 that a couple lines really stuck to my synapses:

“Jumped in the river what did I see

Black eyed angels swam with me”

and later:

“We all went to heaven in a little rowboat

There was nothing to fear, nothing to doubt”

There are a lot of different ways to interpret that, obviously. What I came up with was “Black Eyed Angel”. It started a series of paintings I’m still working on to date. Here is the first:

And here is Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song”.

(Just click on the “play” triangle- it’ll link you to YouTube.)


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