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Pop/Comic Book Influences

This is a painting of my good friend Gary, of Phoenix, AZ. He and I have both enjoyed the pop art stylings that come from the comic book world. As a kid, I was an enthusiastic follower of Marvel Comics, and so was he. Now, “comic” book art is truly something special. The medium has advanced into something truly unique since the days of my fandom, the 1980s.

Pop art style is so much lighter and fun compared to some of the heavier topics I try to tackle now. When Gary asked me to try out a portrait in this style, I was glad to take a break from my current heavily layered, textural style. You can see the bold, bright colors in gary’s portrait that come from the Silver age of comics, the 1960’s. I cropped the image close to the features, too.

These other, smaller paintings from a few years ago were my blueprint. They’re adapted from photos by Mick Rock. He took tons of photos of Glam rockers during their heyday of the 70s. Here we have Bowie and Iggy Pop.


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