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About my art, cheddar, and cute furry kittens.

A Santa Cruz artist enters cyberspace….

And into the blogosphere I have been hurled.

This blog exists as a place where I can share the paintings I’m working on with others. Folks can give me feedback: constructive for me, perhaps satisfying for you. Plus, since I’m interested in things other than art, occasionally I’ll share thoughts on other enthusiasms as well. (These things fall under the “cheese” category.)

Viewers are sometimes curious about my methods of creating my art…here I can demystify it a bit. But not too much. What would be the fun in that?

Out of the Forest

This painting is a 36X48 acrylic. For the most part, it’s acrylic, but it’s a mixed media in the strictest sense. There’s also silver leaf in there, as well as vermiculite for texture.

The metaphor here is that of clear, cold weather, which represents a state of  mind. Cold temperatures are harsh and take preparation and determination to endure. At the same time, bright and sunny weather illuminates all around, making the path ahead clear.


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